The Jobs page of TD Console allows you to view and monitor all your TD jobs. A job status can be one of the following:

  • Success – The job was successful and the data transfer was completed

  • Error – There was an error with the job and the data transfer was not successful

  • Running – The job is still running

  • Killed – The job was stopped while running and did not complete

  • Queued – Jobs that are in memory and ready to run

  1. Open TD Console.

  2. Navigate to Jobs.

  3. Optionally, filter the jobs page.

  4. Review your jobs and their status.

  5. Select your job to see additional information. For example:

  6. Review the information on the following job tabs:

    • Query – Shows the configuration used to complete the import job

    • Output Logs – A detailed log that captures the events of the import job

    • Details – Summary details of the job, including a Job ID. If you contact Support with an issue, you are asked to provide the job ID.

For example, an output log might look similar to:

For example, the summary details of a job might look similar to:

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