This article supports Audience Studio - Legacy.

After you have created your segments in Audience Studio>Segments, you can view all of your segment folders and segments at one time, collapsing and opening the folders you want and selecting the segments you want to work on. Additionally, you can sort the folders and segments by name, updated by, last modified, number of profiles and number of activations clicking on the header as shown in the following:

Viewing a Segment

  1. Open TD Console.

  2. Navigate to Audience Studio > Segments.

  3. Click on a particular segment.

A mini-dashboard of how many profiles have been added or removed from it over the course of time shows on the right side panel as well as the percentage of the master segment in that segment.

You can also edit segment rules and activations in the panel. The right side panel is collapsible.

4. You can then take any of the following actions in the right side panel as shown in the following:

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