You can use Treasure Workflows from the TD Console and from the command line. With this flexibility, it’s possible to create workflows in your local environment and run the same workflows in Treasure Data’s environment.

You might want to store your data in Treasure Data’s cloud-based database and query the data locally or from within the Treasure Data platform or you might create queries and workflows in the cloud, but perform analysis, using in-house tools, locally.

Treasure Data makes it easy for you to move between the interface options with ease and continuum.

Other typical usage scenarios are:

  • Develop locally with TD Workflow > Push into Treasure Data > Manage in Treasure Data GUI

  • Develop locally with TD Workflow > Manage on GitHub > Autodeploy to Treasure Data GUI to view and monitor. Refer to Continuous Deployment of Workflow definitions from GitHub to Treasure Data.

  • Develop, view, and manage in TD Console and Workflow UI

  • Review workflow syntax to understand how to configure tasks and build repeatable workflows. You use a set of code pieces repeatedly when building and managing workflows.

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