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You can log into TD Console using Google aliases. A Google alias enables you to use multiple aliases to sign into your Treasure Data account.

Treasure Data views each Google SSO alias as a unique email identifier. Google manages the aliases, resolving the aliases to your email address.

You can log into an Treasure Data account using different Google aliases, for example:

You can sign in to your account as an admin and then, with an alias, sign into the same account as a restricted user. Or you can use aliases to sign in to your account with different permissions enabled.

The account that you log into must recognize the Google alias as your user email. Therefore, the account owner or administrator specifies the alias as your email address when creating your user account.

Logging Into TD Console With a Google Alias

  1. On the TD Console login screen, enter your Google alias in the email field.

  2. Enter your password.

  3. Select Login. 

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