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Dump logs in a table to the specified storage.


$ td table:export <db> <table>



-w, --wait

wait until the job is completed

-f, --from TIME

export data that is newer than or same with the TIME

-t, --to TIME

export data which is older than the TIME

-b, --s3-bucket NAME

name of the destination S3 bucket (required)

-p, --prefix PATH

path prefix of the file on S3

-k, --aws-key-id KEY_ID

AWS access key ID to export data (required)

-s, --aws-secret-key SECRET_KEY

AWS secret access key to export data (required)

-F, --file-format FILE_FORMAT

file format for exported data.

Available formats are tsv.gz (tab-separated values per line) and jsonl.gz (JSON record per line).

The json.gz and line-json.gz formats are default and still available, but only for backward compatibility.

Use of this option is discouraged because of lower performance.

-O, --pool-name NAME

specify resource pool by name

-e, --encryption ENCRYPT_METHOD

export with server-side encryption with the ENCRYPT_METHOD

-a --assume-role ASSUME_ROLE_ARNexport with assume role with ASSUME_ROLE_ARN as role arn

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