Welcome to Treasure Data! The following table identifies the various configurations required to get Treasure Data ready to manage complex data at scale.


Requirements and Support Information

Review the permission requirements and supported browsers, query engines, and so on.

Sites and Endpoints

Identify your site (US, Japan, Europe, and Korea) and the endpoints.

Installing and Updating the TD Toolbelt and Treasure Agent

Install/update Treasure Data's command-line (CLI) tools:

  • Windows and macOS: Install TD-Toolbelt.

  • Linux: Treasure Agent (td-agent) is an official Treasure Data maintained package of Fluentd.

Install TD Toolbelt Workflow ModuleInstall the TD Toolbelt to interact with Treasure Data’s many services.

Installing Bulk Data Import

Import data using Treasure Data’s open-source bulk data loader Embulk, an open-source bulk data loader that helps data transfer between various databases, storage locations, file formats, and cloud services.

Configuring Your TD Endpoint using TD Toolbelt

Use the td server:endpoint command to set up a different endpoint than the default.

Configuring Authentication for TD Using the TD Toolbelt

Set up password policies to use the TD Toolbelt in an account.

Integrating with Data Science and SQL Tools

(Optional) Install tools to help facilitate moving data and managing queries.

Custom Script Requirements

Determine the version of Python to create custom scripts.

Installing Python, Pandas, matplotlib, Jupyter Notebook, pytd

(Recommended) Use Python to install all required packages for pytd.pandas_td.

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