Use the following information to set Workflow and Audience Studio permissions if you do not have Policy-based Permissions enabled.

To set workflow and audience studio permissions, you must assign these permissions at the user level.

1. Open the TD Console.
2. Navigate to Control Panel > Users.
3. Select a user.

Treasure Data automatically opens the Permission tab.

Set Workflow Permissions

Select the pencil icon next to DATA WORKBENCH to edit permissions. 

The permissions apply to all workflow projects in the account to which the user has access.

ViewSelect to allow the user to view all workflow projects, including system-generated workflow projects.
RunSelect to allow the user to run user-defined workflow projects.
EditSelect to allow the user to edit user-defined workflow projects.

Select Save when you have finished editing permissions.

Set Audience Studio Permissions

There are only two permissions available for the Audience Studio.

NoneUsers cannot view the Audience Studio in the left navigation or access any Audience Studio features.
Full AccessUsers can view all features that have been enabled for their account in the Audience Studio. Additionally, users have access to parent segments in the Data Workbench view.
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