You can set secrets for any project-level workflow directly from TD Console using its Secrets tab. Treasure Data also allows you to delete secrets through TD Console.

You must have Edit permissions to set secrets. The edit permissions can be either global workflow permissions or project-related editing permissions. Users with View permissions can view secrets. Although you can add and delete secrets from TD Console, editing is not available in TD Console

Additionally, secrets set on TD Console are accessible from the CLI using the TD Secrets command, while secrets set on the CLI using the client mode TD WF Secrets command are visible on TD Console for the respective workflow projects and accessible to all the files in the project.

Adding Secrets to a Workflow

  1. Open TD Console.

  2. Navigate to Data Workbench.

  3. Open Workflows.

  4. Select the workflow to which you want to add secrets.

  5. Select the Secrets tab.

  6. Select the “+” sign in the Secrets pane.

  7. Type the secret key and secret value to set the secret. For example, you might need to set access credentials, where the user name is the key and the password is the value for the S3 access credentials.

    Secret key values must be unique for each secret and can use any special characters and spaces.

  8. Select Create.

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