These are the Treasure Data features and improvements released during the month of September 2022.

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BETA Releases

Treasure Data Agent Console App

The Treasure Data Agent Console app is a stand-alone app made available for service agents using CDP for Service. With this app, agents can view customer profiles, analytics, and product/service recommendation on a single pane of glass without embedding a TD solution in the existing contact center solutions.

Learn more About Treasure Data Agent Console App.

Google Enhanced Conversion Export Integration

The Google Enhanced Conversion Export Integration allows you to write Treasure Data job results directly in the Google Ads Server to improve the accuracy of your conversion measurements. One particular use case of this integration is that you can now consolidate online and offline conversions for the purpose of data analytics.

Learn more about Google Enhanced Conversion Export Integration.

Treasure Data Journey Orchestration

TD Journey Orchestration continues to expand functionality to allow you to target customers along their journey. You can now duplicate existing journeys and edit them to make new journeys. Additionally, you can now use drag-on rules to reference profiles within journeys. 

Learn more about Duplicating a Journey and Adding Drag-on Rules.

GA Releases

Amazon S3 v2 Import Integration

Among the most use integrations in S3 enabling you to import the data from your JSON, TSV, and CSV files stored in an S3 bucket, this improvement includes the highly secured Assume Role authentication mode is now ready for integrating into your daily data flow.

Learn more about Amazon S3 v2 Import Integration

Sansan Import Connector

The connector has been updated to support importing only Sansan tags. This improvement can facilitate the management of tags and the alignment of data.

Learn more about Sansan Import Integration

Replace Query Editor from ACE to Monaco

Treasure Data has improved the editing experience of Queries on TD Console by replacing the underlying ACE editor with Monaco Editor. With this change, you can experience superior inbuilt functionality provided by Monaco Editor. All the existing functionality of the Query editor that you are familiar with will continue to work as-is; the only difference is the additional inbuilt functionality that Monaco provides.

Learn more about the enhancements to the editor.


Audience Studio

  • Activation Counts -  Activation counts are available in the Audience Studio console. Now you can use these counts to investigate activations, identify discrepancies across segments, or plan out future campaigns. To see the activation count, select a parent segment. In the center panel, select Assets. Scroll to the right table columns and review the activation count in the # Activation column.
  • Segment Editor Values - When searching for values in the segment editor rules, the Audience Studio previously returned up to 1,000 most frequent records as a sample of the database. That threshold is increased to 10,000, providing more comprehensive results for the user.


Marketplace Beta

Marketplace enables customers to discover, install and configure a number of optional packages. Each package contains tools, features, and solutions that build upon the features of the core platform. 

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