Funnels is a legacy feature. Learn more about Treasure Data Journey Customer Orchestration, a premium feature currently in Beta that will replace Funnels.

The Segment Editor in Treasure Data enables the user to quickly create and refine segments with more marketer-friendly operator functions and the option to create advanced combinations of rule sets. Additionally, the Segment Editor offers easier discovery of behaviors and attributes and the easy reuse of segment and funnel stage rules with the ability to drag and drop rules in and out of the rule set. 

Easy to Understand Operators

Attribute and Behavior operators are intuitive and easy to understand making the Segment Editor marketer-friendly.

Learn more about Timestamp Operators in Audience Studio.

Advanced Match Logic

The Segment Editor gives the user the option to use custom logic by using advanced match logic. This feature enables users to select specific rules to be applied in specific ways instead of just choosing all or any. A user can use advanced logic to apply combinations of rules or rule sets. The maximum number of rules that can be used in advanced match logic is 26 and the maximum number of rules sets is 9. Learn more about how to use advanced match logic.

Drag and Drop Rules

The ability to drag and drop rules from an easy-to-see list of attributes and behaviors greatly enhances the user experience. Additionally, existing segments and funnel stages can be easily reused. Rules can also be moved around within a rule set or from one ruleset to another within the same segment, giving the user greater flexibility.

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