Advanced Scheduling is in Beta. Contact your Customer Success representative for more information.

Treasure Data provides flexible options to schedule your batch segments, A/B testing, and funnel stages.

Review examples of how to set different activation schedules.

Set a Schedule

1. Select Schedule. 



Does not repeatThe schedule is run one time only. This is the default. 
Repeat every
  • hour
  • day
  • week
  • month


Date/TimeSelect the date and time that you want the activation to start or use the calendar and select the date and time. You can select a date up to six months in the future.
00:00:00 is the start of a new day; 23:59:59 is the end of the day.
Time zoneBy default, Treasure Data defaults to the UTC time zone. If you want to change it to your local time zone or a different time zone, select the time zone from the drop-down.


No end date

The schedule runs indefinitely.


Type the date or use the calendar to select a date to end the activation. 

Email notifications to:

Select individuals to receive email notifications about the schedule. You can select up to 20 recipients. Begin typing the recipient's name to find the associated email.

  • When you copy an activation, the email notification list and settings are copied to the new activation.
  • When a user in a configured recipients list is removed from an account, you need to update the email notification setting. Otherwise, the system continues to send notifications to them.

Select to notify the individuals you selected to email notifications of successful activation.


Select to notify the individuals you selected to email notifications of a failed activation.
In addition to the email notification of a failed activation, Treasure Data automatically sends another email to the parent segment creator of the failure.

You can select Success and Failure to notify everyone of an activation's status.

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