SQuirreL SQL is an open-source Java SQL Client program for any JDBC compliant database. You can use SQuirrelSQL as a SQL authoring tool to interactively develop SQL queries with Treasure Data.

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Install SQuirrel

Download the latest SQuirreL SQL installer as a JAR file:

After you execute the JAR file, the installer starts.

Select Next to proceed through the installation.

Only the Standard pack is required for Treasure Data.

When the installation is complete, launch SQuirreL SQL.

Download Treasure Data JDBC Driver

Download Treasure Data’s JDBC Driver:

JDBC Driver Download

Then, put the driver into the SQuirreL SQL’s driver directory.

$ mv td-jdbc-0.2.10-jar-with-dependencies.jar /Applications/SQuirreLSQL.app/Contents/Resources/Java/lib/

The target directory is $SQUIRREL_SQL_INSTALL_PATH/lib/ on Windows and Linux.

Add Treasure Data JDBC Driver

Select Drivers in the left pane, and select + (the plus sign) to add a new driver.

Complete the information as shown in the following example.

  • Name: Treasure Data

  • Example URL:

    • Hive: jdbc:td://api.treasuredata.com/< database >;useSSL=true;type=hive

    • Presto: jdbc:td://api.treasuredata.com/< database >;useSSL=true;type=presto

  • Java Class Path: td-jdbc-xxx.jar

  • Class Name: com.treasuredata.jdbc.TreasureDataDriver

Connect to Treasure Data

Select the Aliases tab on the left pane and select + (the plus sign) to add the Alias.

  • Name: Whatever you like

  • Driver: Treasure Data

  • URL: jdbc:td://api.treasuredata.com/< YOUR_DATABASE_NAME >;useSSL=true

  • User Name: Your account email

  • Password: Your account password

Select Test when the forms are filled. If the information is correct, you receive the message
Connection is successful.

Select OK.

Issue the Query

You’ll see a list of tables and their columns by GUI.

Move to the SQL pane, and edit the SQL query to be thrown. Select Ctrl + Enter when the query is ready. The query runs and then shows the results. You can check the progress of the query from the TD Console.

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