From the TD Console, you can access a sample database and table.

Viewing the Sample Database

To view the sample database:

  1. Navigate to Data Workbench > Databases.

  2. Use the search to locate and open 'sample_datasets'.

Query a Sample Table

To query a sample table:

  1. Navigate to Data Workbench > Queries.

  2. Select New Query.

  3. Select sample_datasets.

  4. Write a query of your choice against the table named "www_access".
    Here is one example query that counts and sorts HTTP requests by their status codes.SELECT code AS http_status_code, COUNT(1) AS num_requestsFROM www_accessGROUP BY codeORDER BY num_requests

  5. Select Run. You can monitor the query job status in the Query Result portion of the screen. For example:

  6. When the job is done, the status changes from RUNNING to SUCCESS. You can also view the results within the Jobs view.

Downloading Query Results

Similar steps can also be completed from the Query Result portion of the Query page.

To download the results as CSV, TSV, or JSON, one option is to:

  1. Navigate to Jobs > Job Activities.

  2. Select the completed query job.

  3. Select Download.

  4. Specify Browser or cli download mode.

  5. Specify the output format.

  6. Select Download.

  7. Open and review the results of the download.

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