The retain columns filter enables you to specify the columns that you would like to keep.

For example, your sales team wants a table with all of your users' names and phone numbers. You can import a data set of user registrations from your website, but that data set has names, phone numbers and 50 other columns that you don’t need. The retain filter allows you to specify that only the name and phone number columns are ingested.

To apply the retain columns filter:

1. Select Retain Columns.

2. Select Add Filter.

3. Select Add.

4. The Retain Columns dialog opens.

5. Edit the parameters.



Source column (required)

Name of column to retain

Column name (required)

New name for retained column. If you are not renaming it, enter the same as Source Column name.

Default value

Value to apply if column value is null

Data type

Data type of the column values

Supported types:

  • string

  • double

  • long

  • timestamp

  • boolean (can be retained if already existing)

  • json

Optionally, do one of the following:

  • If you are finished with Filters, select Next.

  • If you want to add another filter, select Add and repeat the steps.

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