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Real-time Segmentation operates against streaming data as the data arrives into Treasure Data in real-time. The advantage of Real-time Segmentation is that it can be used to create segments from even the most recent actions taken by someone on your website, including visitors coming to your website for the first time.


Real-time Segmentation provides the ability to personalize the content, ads, and pages, while your customers are visiting your website. For example, an e-Commerce company would like to show "Today's Special Camera Offer" banner ads in the page, if visitors have navigated to the Camera category multiple times while they're exploring the products.

  • Realtime segmentation is based on Segmentation Primitives that can be limited for realtime and compared to Batch-based records.
  • Real-Time Segmentation makes use of the Profiles API to return user segments using JavaScript SDK.
  • Real-time segmentation is limited for use against data from websites with JavaScript SDK installed. In addition, it has limits on the segmentation logic that can be defined.

Use Cases

Real-time Segments operates against streaming data as the data arrives into Treasure Data in real-time to help you provide for the following use-cases:

  • Re-marketing

    • If visitors do some meaningful actions in the website, you can specifically target these users "instantly" through other means

  • Personalization

    • Show personalized content, banner, and ads in the website for higher engagements and conversions

  • Conversion Optimization

    • Show a chat modal dialog to help customers complete any open transactions that they may have started

  • Customer Support

    • Show help messages if customers are going back and forth with same pages

  • Use Scoring

    • Scoring users in real time, and show special offers to valuable visitors and customers

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