RazorSQL is a free, DBMS-independent, cross-platform SQL query tool. You can use RazorSQL as SQL authoring tool to interactively develop SQL queries with Treasure Data.


Download the latest SQL RazorSQL installer and install the application.

Download Treasure Data JDBC Driver

Download Treasure Data’s JDBC Driver:

Add Treasure Data Connection

In the RazorSQL tool, select Connections > Connect.

Select OTHER as a connection type.

Edit the Treasure Data JDBC driver information.

  • Profile Name: Treasure Data

  • Driver Location: JDBC driver file path

  • Driver Class: com.treasuredata.jdbc.TreasureDataDriver

  • Login: your email address

  • Password: your password


    • Hive: jdbc:td://api.treasuredata.com/< database >;useSSL=true;type=hive

    • Presto: jdbc:td://api.treasuredata.com/< database >;useSSL=true;type=presto

  • Auto Commit: off

  • SQL Restrictions: Read Only

Issue the Query

You’ll see a list of tables and its columns by GUI.

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