Treasure Data Product Documentation

Nov 2023 link

Treasure Data helps customer-facing teams across many industries such as automotive, CPG, Retail, Technology and Publishing discover buying signals and unify individual profiles flexibly for unique, personalized customer experiences by translating millions of touchpoints, eliminating complexity, and providing deep, relevant insights into purchasing journeys.

Concepts Learn about the Treasure Data CDP and what it can do for you. link
Getting Started Onboarding steps to help you get up and running on the Treasure Data platform. link
Administration Configure security, optimize performance, and get tips for making your TD system work better for you. link
User Guides Use Data Workbench, Audience Studio, and Treasure Insights to make the most of your customer data. link
Integrations Define data import and export using Treasure Data integrations. link
Developer Portal Read our API reference, guides, and examples link

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