You can specify users' access to workflows, master segments and exporting results using the TD Console. Global permissions for workflow can be set here, but project-level permissions must be set through the API. Master segment permission is only for accounts that include Audience Studio.

For details on how permissions affect user actions in TD Work, refer to the matrix. The matrix lists actions that are controlled by permissions.

For the Data Workbench, you can specify permissions for master segment configurations, exporting results, and global workflow permissions.

The following table lists the actions enabled by each permission.

Configurations for All Master Segments


Full control

Create, edit, run, view, and delete all master segments

If you plan to create Master Segments, select View in Workflow so that you can view the workflow process of creating a Master Segment.


View all master segments. Cannot edit.


No access to master segments

Export Results to Destination


Ability to export results with authentications permissions


Unable to export results

All Workflow Projects


View the list of workflows


Run all user-defined workflows.


Create and edit all user-defined workflows


If no permission is selected, then users in the policy do not have any workflow permissions.

Permissions specified control the workflow activities in TD Console and the TD Toolbelt command-line interface.

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