These are the Treasure Data features and improvements released during the month of October 2023.

Submit any product feature requests to Treasure Data.

Feature Releases

AutoML - Clustering Solution Notebook

AutoML introduces a new solution notebook named Clustering that automatically generates customer segments based on K-means clustering of customer attributes.

Learn more about Clustering.

Segment Insights - PII Hiding - BETA

The Segment Insights Dashboard allows you to visualize the metrics of your segments while you're building out the segment rules. With this enhancement, Segment Insights has enabled PII-hiding permissions, which checks the Audience Studio column visibility permission and if the user has PII-hiding permission with any attributes tagged as PII/Blocked, Segment Insights are not accessible to the user.

Learn more about the Segment Insights Dashboard.


Amazon Marketing Cloud Export Integration - BETA

The Amazon Marketing Cloud Export Integration enables you to write job results from Treasure Data and upload pseudonymized audiences datasets to Amazon Marketing Cloud directly. Integrated with AMC Audiences API (Beta), you can take insights further by leveraging them to compose new, custom audiences for activation directly in Amazon DSP.

Learn more about Amazon Marketing Cloud Export Integration.

SanSan Hub Import Integration - BETA

Sansan Data Hub helps you organize and integrate customer data within your company and transform it into data that is optimal for marketing purposes.

Learn more about the Sansan Data Hub Import Integration.

TikTok Export Integration - Improvement

Treasure Data's TikTok Integration allows you to send job results from Treasure Data directly to TikTok Marketing utilizing TikTok's streaming API mode. This integration also supports OAuth authentication mode for higher security.

Learn more about the TikTok Marketing API Export Integration.

Yahoo! Export Integration -  Improvement

Yahoo! Export Integration is now improved to support two additional capabilities:

  • Upload phone number with the Partnermatch API
  • Append, update, and replace from single taxonomy node

You can contact TD Support for using these capabilities efficiently and safely. Learn more about the Yahoo! Export Integration.

Snapchat Export Integration - Improvement

Currently, the Snapchat Export integration supports removing users only. Now, you can replace users from the Audience list.

Learn more about the Snapchat Export Integration.

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