These are the Treasure Data features and improvements released during the month of October 2022.

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BETA Releases

Marketplace Packages

Marketplace enables customers to discover, install, and configure a number of optional packages. Each package contains tools, features, and solutions that build upon the elements of the core platform. Packages that require Treasure Insights are available to accounts with Treasure insights enabled.

  • Forecasting Model - Assists ML Engineers and Business users to analyze time-series data such and discover patterns such as trend and seasonality, that can be used to forecast and plan promotions.
  • Segment Analytics - Allow CDP users to track important KPIs for the Audiences they build and activate for marketing campaigns in Treasure Data Audience Studio.
  • Web Analytics - Allows CDP users to track important web traffic KPIs. 
  • Amazon Marketing Cloud - Allows advertisers using Amazon Advertising to pass CDP segments of advertiser audiences from Treasure Data in pseudonymized form.

Marketplace Beta is available in the US region and will be rolled out to other regions shortly. Each of these packages requires a subscription when it becomes a General Availability (GA) release. To sign up for Marketplace Beta, contact customer service.

Learn about Marketplace Packages.

Amazon DSP Data Provider Export Integration

Amazon Demand-Side Platform (DSP) enables advertisers to programmatically buy display ads, video ads, and audio ads on and off Amazon. Using Amazon's DSP, you can reach the audience through Amazon sites, apps, publishing partners, and third-party exchanges. Amazon DSP is available to advertisers on Amazon irrespective of whether they sell products on Amazon.

The Amazon DSP Data Provider Export Integration allows you to export segment data like hashed emails and other customer information to Amazon DSP.

Learn about Amazon DSP Data Provider Export Integration.

GA Releases

SAP Marketing Cloud Export Integration

The SAP Marketing Cloud Export Integration allows users to export segments from Treasure Data to SAP Marketing Cloud products. The integration is implemented with the Open Data Protocol (OData), and it supports an optional API integration for custom use cases.

Learn about SAP Marketing Cloud Export Integration.


Agent Console on Mobile Devices

Primary users of TD Agent Console App are service agents. With many service agents working remotely on devices of their choice, TD has updated TD Agent Console so it's easily embedded into your customers's mobile App. Be on the lookout for support documentation to ensure customers are able to include Agent Console on their own mobile applications. 

View a demo for CDP for Service Agent Console for iPad.


Treasure Workflow: Last Execution Path

The Last Execution Path feature enables users to review and troubleshoot the ETL pipeline by showing the task execution path of the workflow. This is especially useful during the development cycle, enabling users to build better workflows by providing improved insights into Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) runs, which help to manage the workflow orchestration.

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