These are the Treasure Data features and improvements released during the month of November 2022.

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BETA Releases

LINE Messaging Export Integration

Keeping with LINE security updates, the TD export connector for LINE messaging has been updated to support authentication with Short-Lived Access Tokens. Long-Lived Access Tokens are still supported by the connector, although LINE has depreciated their use.

Learn more about LINE Messaging Export Integration.

Google Analytics API Data Import Integration

A powerful tool for marketing decision support, Google Analytics presents the next generation of analytics with its Google Analytics 4 (GA4). This integration continues to be an analytics workhorse; collecting event-based data from both websites and apps. Google Analytics Data API integration provides similar features to the current Google Analytics integration, which means no steep learning curve to create new jobs in your daily workflow. Plans to sunset its current Universal Analytics are slated for 2023.

Learn more about Google Analytics API Data Import Integration

GA Releases

Treasure Data Journey Orchestration

TD Journey Orchestration empowers you to personalize your customers’ entire lifecycle, letting you orchestrate experiences at scale.You can plan unique journeys across your business using a drag-and-drop canvas. Journey Orchestration helps you to connect omnichannel campaigns to your customers’ data. You can then identify individual audiences as they transition from awareness to retention.

Learn more about Treasure Data Journey Orchestration

Treasure Workflow: Last Execution Path

The Last Execution Path feature enables users to review and troubleshoot the ETL pipeline by showing the task execution path of the workflow. This is especially useful during the development cycle, enabling users to build better workflows by providing improved insights into Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) runs, which help to manage the workflow orchestration.

Learn more about Last Execution Path of Your Workflow.

Snapchat Import Integration

Snapchat allows you to easily communicate with friends, view live stories from around the world, and discover news via temporary pictures and video messaging. As a business, you can run Snapchat Ads Manager to create and manage ads and run campaigns to generate leads and more. This release allows you to import lead generation report data from Snapchat.

Learn more about Snapchat Import Integration.

Marketo Export Integration

Marketo is an important connector to automate the marketing process. Currently, it supports uploading segments to Marketo for the subsequence process. With this new improvement of supporting Delete mode, you can now support audience opt-out and similar use cases.

Learn more about Marketo Export Integration.


Presto - Memory Consumption Improvement

Treasure Data released a critical enhancement to boost up query performance with less memory consumption in Presto. With this improvement, about 60% of all Presto queries in the Treasure Data platform will have 10%~30% reduction in memory consumption—with some queries reaching as much as an 85% reduction in peak memory usage. This enhancement provides more efficient data operations at no additional cost.

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