These are the Treasure Data features and improvements being released in November 2020. Submit any product feature requests to

You can also view a summary video of our new releases.

Treasure Insights BETA

Treasure Insights is a new reporting module embedded directly into Treasure Data. Treasure Insights replaces Treasure Reporting.

With Treasure Insights, you can:

  • Model. Gather and combine massive amounts of data from Treasure Data databases and tables into data models.

  • Analyze. Create dashboards, apply filters, and update widgets in real-time to get insights.

  • Impact. Share widgets, dashboards, and create custom reports and create effective marketing campaigns.

Learn more about Treasure Insights.

PingOne for Enterprise BETA and PingFederate BETA Added to Identity Federation

Treasure Data is expanding Identity Federation and now includes support for two new IdPs from Ping Identity: PingOne for Enterprise and PingFederate.

Identity Federation works with your Identity Provider (IdP) and enables your TD account users to use one ID to log into your Treasure Data accounts, even if the user is assigned multiple TD accounts.

Identity Federation’s key benefit is providing heightened security and tighter authentication for both on-premise and cloud applications. You can centrally manage all users and their respective permissions through your corporate directory service. You configure your IdP to authenticate your Treasure Data users and thereby control the login policy for your users through the IdP.

Both IdPs must be configured to use the SAML 2.0 protocol to work with Treasure Data.

If you are interested in participating in the PingOne for Enterprise or PingFederate BETA, contact your Customer Success Representative.

Learn more about PingOne for Enterprise and PingFederate in Configuring Identity Federation in TD Console.

TD JavaScript SDK v. 2.5.0 With Consent Extension

TD JS SDK v. 2.5.0 is now available and includes consent extension. With this new feature, you can include consent collection, define consent context, and show consent preference for end-users.

Example Banner

Example Webform

Learn more about Using Treasure Data JS SDK Consent Extension.

Improved Management of Session ID in Mobile SDK

Mobile SDK (Android and iOS) now lets customers reset a session ID or add a default value for a column to improve the management of their own session data.

Learn more about improved management of Session ID for iOS and Android in About Mobile Tracking and Mobile SDKs.

Visual Studio Code Extension for Treasure Data

Visual Studio Code Extension for Treasure Data has been released. This extension enables users to

  • browse databases and run queries from the IDE

  • manage multiple accounts and domain access with presets

  • experience enhanced schema viewing with copy to clipboard commands

You only need to provide an API key to start querying. Learn more and install the TD Query Tool from Visual Studio Marketplace.

td-spark Release  20.10.0

The latest release of td-spark upgrades to Spark 2.4.7 and Spark 3.0.1

The following internal library versions have been upgraded:

  • Upgrade jackson to 2.10.5

  • Upgrade json4s to 3.6.6

  • Upgrade fluency to 2.4.1

  • Upgrade presto-jdbc version to 338 to fix the performance issue using with JDK11

  • Upgrade Airframe to 20.10.0

  • Upgrade to Scala 2.11.12, Scala 2.12.12

  • Upgrade td-client-java to 0.9.3

Data Connectors Released

Yahoo! DMP Export Integration BETA

Treasure Data now allows you to upload your segments to the Direct Target and Custom Segment Audience on Yahoo! DMP to use with your campaign.

Learn more about Yahoo! DMP Export Integration.

OneTrust Import Integration BETA

OneTrust is a privacy management and marketing compliance company. Its services are used by organizations to comply with global regulations like GDPR.

This OneTrust import integration allows you to collect customer's consent data and load it into Treasure Data. Access to OneTrust data on the Treasure Data platform enables your marketing team to optimally enrich your data.

Learn more about OneTrust Import Integration.

Airship Export Integration BETA

Airship gives brands the user-level data, engagement channels, AI orchestration, and services they need to deliver push notifications, emails, SMS, in-app messages, and mobile wallet passes. You can now export data from Treasure Data to Airship Audience Lists. In Airship, you can then use Lists to target specific users.

Learn more about Airship Export Integration.

Zendesk Sunshine Export Integration BETA

Zendesk® Sunshine's modern cloud-based CRM platform is used to identify customer needs and trends. You can use the Zendesk Export Integration connector to export Events data to Zendesk Sunshine.

Learn more about Zendesk Sunshine Export Integration.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Export Integration Improvement BETA

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Export Integration includes an option for you to replace or add and update data in an existing data extension.

Learn more about Salesforce Marketing Cloud Export Integration.

GA Releases

Amazon DSP via Data Provider Export Integration

You can upload your segments to Amazon DSP. This connector supports uploading a list of cookies or Mobile Advertising IDs.

Learn more about Amazon Export Integration.

Shopify Export Integration

You can use the Shopify export integration to create and update metafields—additional pieces of information for your products, collections, customers, orders, blogs, pages, and your shop.

Learn more about Shopify Export Integration.

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