Treasure Data limits how you name entities, and the number of characters you can use in entities.

See Upper Limits (MAX) for size and volume limits on Treasure Data entities.

Name rules exist for:

Tables and Databases

Name rules for tables and databases are as follows:

  • only lower case letters, numbers, and the _ (underscore)

  • 3 and 255 characters long


Name rules for columns are as follows:

  • only lower case letters, numbers, the _ (underscore)

  • cannot begin with a number, for example: 0422col is not an acceptable column name

If an illegal column name is detected, a system alias is generated. You can use this alias to query or change this column to another acceptable column name, if you want to.


The TD account owner or administrator specifies password criteria.

The general, default rules for user passwords are as follows:

  • 8-128 characters long

  • consists of Basic Latin (ASCII) characters

For a list of Basic Latin (ASCII) characters, go to the Library of Congress Basic Latin (ASCII) Code Table.

Names for Users, Policies, and Permissions

User and Policy names must be Unicode characters and can include a symbol, control characters, emoji, whitespace, up to 255 characters.

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