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This article supports Treasure Data (v5) Beta

In Audience Studio you can create folders to organize your objects such as segments, journeys, predictive scoring, and so on. As you continue to add more objects to help reach your marketing objectives, you might find the need to move objects into different areas.

You can access the Move action in TD Console in two different ways.

1. The Move action is available in the drop-down menu in the right corner.

2. Right-click an object to display the menu.

The following table provides guidance on what objects can be moved.

You must have edit permissions for the origin and destination folders to move an object.

Object Supported Move Action
Root folderNot supported.
  • Move to a folder under a root folder.
  • Move to a folder above or under a folder in the same parent segment.
Batch and Real-time SegmentsMove to a folder in the same parent segment.
JourneyMove to a folder in the same parent segment.
Journey StagesNot supported.
Predictive ScoringMove to a folder in the same parent segment.
Profile API tokensNot supported.
ActivationNot supported*.
*Activations automatically move with a batch segment or journey.
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