These are the Treasure Data features and improvements released during the month of May 2022.

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BETA Releases

Salesforce Pardot Import Integration

The Salesforce Pardot input connector automates the end-to-end solution for our customers, which is ingesting data from Pardot into the Treasure Data database and activating a custom segment back to Pardot. This integration has been improved by adding the ability to configure undocumented fields from the Pardot V4 API objects. 

Learn more about Salesforce Pardot Import Integration.

GA Releases


Treasure Data now offers an import and export integration for PUSHCODE, a popular Japanese web push service that delivers the most relevant content at the right time to individual site visitors. The TD import integration for PUSHCODE enables you to import data provided by PUSHCODE via Google Cloud Storage and the export integration for PUSHCODE via Google Cloud Storage allows you to upload a list of target user ids to PUSHCODE for a personalized push notification.

Learn more about PUSHCODE import and export integrations.


Oracle Netsuite Bronto - Deprecation

Oracle Netsuite has announced end-of-life for NetSuite Bronto and is deprecated as of May 31, 2022. It is recommended that you migrate to a new marketing platform before then. At that time, TD will remove the integration and documents from our platform.


Iterable Export Integration Improvements 

Iterable is a cross-channel marketing platform that allows you to create, optimize, and measure every interaction across the entire customer journey. Treasure Data is revising the way we build the complex JSON object to send to the Iterable Export Integration. Instead of having to use a complex query before exporting results, the JSON object will be built from the output or the activation.

Google BigQuery Output Kaizen

BigQuery helps you manage and analyze your data with built-in features like machine learning, geospatial analysis, and business intelligence. This upcoming kaizen removes the limit of 4GB per upload to Google BigQuery from TreasureData by splitting the exported file into smaller files. There are no actions needed for re-configuring or migrating existing jobs.

End of Support for Hive 0.13

Treasure Data officially stopped support for v0.13 on May 23. Customers will note Hive 2/Tez is now the default processing engine.

Migration from Presto v317 to v350 

Treasure Data is pleased to announce the completion of all customer migration from Presto version v317 to v350 as of May 2022. The results of the three-month-long effort, which began in March, include various performance improvements, new UDFs, and column-level access control for augmenting the data governance. 

Learn more about Presto 350 Update and query compatibility after migration.

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