These are the Treasure Data features and improvements released between April 15 and May 15, 2021. Submit any product feature requests to

Data Connectors Released

MS Dynamics 365 Sales Import Integration

Empower digital sales organizations with modern remote collaboration capabilities for exceptional teamwork and frictionless engagement. Find and build stronger relationships. Improve productivity and performance. Get a single view of customers.

You can use the import integration to ingest contact data and transactional data (including quotes, sales orders) from MS Dynamics 365 to TD.

Learn more about MS Dynamics 365 Import Integration.

Oracle Netsuite Bronto Export Integration

Oracle Netsuite Bronto is a Marketing Platform that combines email, mobile, and social messaging to design and execute personalized campaigns.

Learn more about Oracle Netsuite Bronto Export Integration.

Yahoo! DMP Export Integration Kaizen

This integration allows you to create advertising campaigns on Yahoo! Ads using a customized list of 1st party data from company websites and mission-critical systems related to Yahoo! DMP. Treasure Data helps you send your own user segment to Yahoo! DMP.

Now with extended support for x_api_key.

Learn more about Yahoo! DMP Export Integration.

Salesforce Pardot Export Integration Beta

You can use the Salesforce Pardot to send job results (in the form of prospects or list memberships) from Treasure Data directly to Salesforce Pardot to sync up your CRM data.

Pardot offers marketing automation to help marketing and sales teams find and nurture leads, close more deals, and maximize ROI.

Learn more about Salesforce Pardot Export Integration Beta.

GA Releases

VTEX Input

Ingesting of Orders, Orders Detail, and Master Data from this eCommerce platform.

Learn more about VTEX Input.

dotdigital Input and Output

Send transactional emails and campaign emails to dotdigital, then ingest emails and users statistics from this platform.

Learn more about dotdigital Input and dotdigital Output.

Upcoming Releases

Eloqua Output Kaizen

This kaizen supports the map Custom Data Object to Contact option. You can select the source CDO column, contact map field, and case-sensitive option to perform the mapping when uploading CDOs.

Learn more about Eloqua Export Integration.

FB Conversion API Kaizen & GA

This Kaizen supports pre-hashed columns option to specify pre-hash columns (comma separated) to skip hashing for those columns when sending data to Facebook. Also, data sending from TD will have the user agent string “treasuredata” which is requested by Facebook to monitor the data sending source via Conversions API.

Learn more about Facebook Conversions API.

Oracle Netsuite Bronto Output Kaizen

You can now add or replace the list action to enable a new contact list by creating an input list name and then replacing the list content by uploading the new list from the Treasure Data database.

Learn more about Oracle Netsuite Bronto Export Integration.

Iterable Output Integration

You can now send a user list from Treasure Data to Iterable to subscribe or unsubscribe to a list in Iterable. The user identifier supports either an Iterable user id, an email, or a mobile number.

Google DDP Policy Segment Size Compliance Helper

To comply with Google requirements, the Google DDP Policy Segment Size Compliance helper ensures that no user list is sent with fewer than 100 records.


New Rootless Docker Image for Custom Scripts

The Docker image `digdag/digdag-python:3.9` for Custom Script has been released. The image fixes existing software vulnerabilities and introduces a new stable Python interpreter, version 3.9. In addition, the Docker execution user is changed to a non-root user (td-user) from a root user, which now complies with Docker security practices.

Treasure Data plans to disable old `digdag/digdag-python:3.6.8-stretch` and `digdag/digdag-python:3.7.3-stretch` targeting the end of June 2021, and `digdag/digdag-python:3.7` targeting the end of Sept 2021, respectively. We monitor customer’s migration progress on deprecation and expect all customers to finish migrations successfully. Customers are advised to upgrade the Docker image for Custom Scripts to `digdag/digdag-python:3.9`. 

Learn about migrating the Rootless Docker Images and the Custom Scripts Docker Image Versioning.

Android SDK v0.6.0 Released

The Android SDK v0.6.0 is released. This version consists mainly of stability updates including one prominent fix for an issue where making a large number of calls successively would cause a data conversion failure.

Add Creative Fields for Adjust Integration

The Adjust Postback integration has added acreative_name field because Google Ads Campaign has updated its log structure.

Learn more about setting up Google Ads.

Gigya Import Integration

This integration now supports the ability to ingest the audit log to determine the number of daily logins. Learn more about Gigya Import Integration.

Hive 2019.1 Deprecation

Hive 2019.1 will be deprecated from May 31, 2021. Customers are advised to migrate existing Hive 2019.1 queries to Hive 2020.1.

Server-Side Cookie Security Upgrade

Treasure Data is upgrading its security protocol for SSC from TLS 1.0 to TLS 1.2. The update will provide greater encryption of data but may prevent tracking of customer’s page views for a small minority of outdated browsers.

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