These are the Treasure Data features and improvements released during the month of March 2022.

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BETA Releases

Attribute Grouping

Attribute Grouping provides the ability to group attributes via a user-defined set of criteria; customers will be able to define specific groups (for example, geo, organization, campaign, and so on) to which they can add attributes.

Learn more about attribute grouping and view an example of its API implementation.

Sailthru Export Integration

The Sailthru Export Integration has been updated with concurrent requests for "UserMode" to improve processing timelines. This change can result in drastically reduced time to upload user lists to Sailthru.

Learn more about Sailthru Export Integration.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Commerce Cloud connects the customer journey and drives success from anywhere with customer-centric commerce built for every industry. With this improvement, this integration allows ingesting custom fields for the supported targets: Product, Category, Catalog, Store, Customer, and Inventories.

Learn more about Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

Oracle Opera 

Treasure Data customers can now ingest data from their property management systems with Oracle Opera using HAPI Opera Exchange Interface (OXI). This streaming import integration uses HAPI instead of requiring hotels to host their own on-premise server.

Additionally, Policy-based Permissions can now be enabled for all streaming connectors.

Learn more about Oracle Opera via HAPI streaming import integration.

Nested Workflow Visibility

Treasure Data is simplifying workflow dependency management on TD Console via direct clickable links to the dependent workflow status page. With this option, the parent workflow task status shows dependent workflow tasks with clickable links that can be used to open up to view its run status page, so users will no longer have to manually open the dependent workflow status page. Additionally, the Attempt History page has been enhanced to allow users to download logs of any old attempt and view the run status of that attempt. The Download log option is also available to download the current attempts workflow log.

Contact your Customer Success Representative to enable this feature. 

GA Releases

LINE Ads Custom Audience Export Integration

LINE is in Asia what Facebook Messaging and Instagram are to US mobile users—a fast and easy way to communicate with friends and discover new promotions about your favorite products and services. LINE is the #1 mobile messaging platform in Japan, Thailand, Taiwan. It is also one of the largest Ads delivery platforms.

Learn more about LINE Ads Custom Audience Export Integration.

TikTok Marketing API Export Integration

TikTok is a global social networking service that focuses on short-form videos and reports having 1 Billion active monthly users around the globe. You can use TikTok's Marketing API to target customers by creating custom segments. Treasure Data's TikTok Integration allows you to send job results from Treasure Data directly to TikTok Marketing using custom audiences.

Learn more about TikTok Marketing API Export Integration.

LINE Messaging Export Integration

LINE is in Asia what Facebook Messaging and Instagram are to US mobile users—a fast and easy way to communicate with friends and to discover new promotions about your favorite products and services. LINE is the number one mobile messaging platform in Japan and Taiwan and is also one of the largest Ads delivery platforms. This integration supports uploading user IDs/IFAs as files to an audience.

Learn more about LINE Messaging Export Integration.


Support Lazy Load for Queries Page

A lazy-loading feature for the Queries page on TD Console is now available. This feature improves page load performance when there are a lot of databases and tables and schema associated with saved queries.

Session Kill Functionality for Workflows Enhanced

When a workflow session was killed, workflow attendants and tasks were killed and stopped, while other jobs such as Presto, Hive, and Import that were executed by those tasks continued running unless killed individually. Treasure Data has enhanced the session kill functionality so that when a workflow session is killed, the jobs running in that task are also killed in conjunction with it—enabling a rapid process shutdown.

Presto 350 Migration for Korean Region Complete

In process of migrating since late 2021, All Presto jobs in the Korea region are now migrated to Presto 350. Treasure Data has shut down the Presto 317 cluster in the Korea region and, as a result, Presto 317 jobs are no longer functional. 

Fix td_interval/td_interval_range base with Positive Duration

Formerly, you could only specify a future date as an absolute date (like yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss or unixtimestamp) for the offset of TD_INTERVAL or TD_INTERVAL_RANGE function. This release enables you to specify a future date as a relative date (like ‘+2d’ or ‘+3M’ and so on) for these UDF.



Treasure Data Marketplace - BETA 

Treasure Data Marketplace is a secure and open platform, where customers and partners can easily configure and install packaged out-of-the-box solutions. With Marketplace’s service component, package developers and partners will be able to bundle data visualization, logic, and resources as a single application—enabling customers to deploy the app within Treasure Data quickly and conveniently, using their own unique configuration parameters. 

Contact your Customer Success Representative to enable this feature. 

Presto Output Column Limit for Improved Stability

Beginning in April, Treasure Data will implement a change limiting the number of Presto output columns to 4096. Reviewing data for Presto jobs over the last several months revealed fewer than 0.001% of jobs were written into more than 4096 columns. Though the effect on your running jobs will be minimal, this change will ensure cluster stability.

Migration from Presto v317 to v350

Presto upgrade to v350 is currently underway. Users will be notified of the scheduled date of the upgrade by Technical Support, but Treasure Data recommends upgrading as soon as possible. 

Learn more about Presto 350 Update and Migration Guide

End of Support for Hive 0.13

On April 15, 2022, Hive 0.13 will be deprecated. We encourage you to migrate your Hive 0.13 queries to Hive 2020.1 or later. Users who submit the queries will be notified of simulation results and Hive 0.13 usage job information. If you need more information, contact your support representative. 

Learn more about Migrating to Hive 2020.1 

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