These are the recent and upcoming Treasure Data releases, features, and improvements. Submit any product feature requests to

Japanese Localization Feature

Treasure Data has released a Japanese Localization feature using machine translation on The new feature is meant to improve the international user experience. Now, includes a new regional picker to select English and Japanese. After you select the Japanese language, you will be taken back to the page you came from with the content localized in Japanese.

Data Connectors Released

VTEX Import Integration Kaizen

This update supports a new mode to ingest Order Details. Now, detailed information including order items or shipping addresses, and more, can be ingested.

Learn more about VTEX Import Integration.

Iterable Import Integration BETA

You can now import campaign metric data and user lists from Iterable into Treasure Data for campaign performance analysis and activation.

Learn more about Iterable Import Integration.

Upcoming Releases

Ads Remarketing

Support for removal of targets from an existing remarketing list and uploading of your user_ids to Google Ads Remarketing and Audience Targeting is in process. You must have your account whitelisted by Google before being able to send the user_id.

Braze Output Integration

This new connector sends a list of targeted end-users of the customer. In Braze, you can then configure ads to the targeted list that Treasure Data sent to Braze. Additionally, you can opt-out (delete end users from the existing list).

Sendgrid Output Integration BETA

SendGrid can send real-time notifications about events that happen on the SendGrid system to a URL. These events include clicks, opens, unsubscribe, bounces, and many others.


td-agent v4 Release

td-agent v3 has been moved to a maintenance mode. We recommend updating your td-agent to the latest stable release of td-agent 4.x as soon as possible.

If you still use td-agent v2 with fluentd v0.12, you are still using td-agent v2 package possibly. It has been deprecated and we recommend upgrading to fluentd v1.0 that is packaged by td-agent 3/4.

Deprecation of /v3/user/apikey/validate endpoint

/v3/user/apikey/validate API is now deprecated. Using this endpoint will result in a 404 error.

If you have any questions, please contact

End of Life for HTTP Endpoints

Toward improving the security of Treasure Data, we are terminating APIs with endpoints that use HTTP for US and Tokyo regions.

No further support is available for HTTP beyond March 1, 2021. If you are using any of the following addresses to access Treasure Data, you must migrate to HTTPS:


We’ve added some Presto performance improvements:

Presto Function Update

  • TD_TIME_FORMAT now supports a four-word timezone name.

    • For example, TD_TIME_FORMAT(1425168000, ‘yyyy-MM-dd HH', 'WITA') returns WITA’s timezone correctly.

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