Large enterprise companies deploying mobile applications for use by their customers often face use cases where these applications need to be able to contact endpoints in Treasure Data at a static ip address. Treasure Data offers this capability so that customers can manage the data they are collecting via the Mobile SDK or Profiles API. Providing static endpoints for organizations enables a separate data pipeline for:

  • Separating high-value and high-traffic customers into different server instances.
  • Enhanced billing and traffic control capabilities.

Treasure Data provides both an IP address and a host name for this static endpoint.

Use Case

  • A customer may need a static IP for billing reasons. A mobile phone company needs to ensure that their mobile phone customers are not billed for data traffic that includes events and logs into the Treasure Data Platform. 

This feature relies on Amazon Web Services (AWS) technology.  If you are interested in adding the Static Endpoint feature, contact your Customer Success representative.

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