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You can opt to log into TD Console using Google SSO. Google, acting as an Identity Provider (IdP), manages your email as your sign-in method.

Identify Providers add value by providing heightened security and tighter authentication when accessing applications such as Treasure Data. Using an IdP, you can centrally manage your users and their respective permissions.

Specifying Use of Google SSO

When you convert your user sign-in to Google SSO,  neither you nor your TD administrator can change your user account from Google SSO back to Email and Password login mode. You must contact Treasure Data Support to revert back to Email and Password.

To specify sign-in to Google SSO, complete the following steps:

  1. Open TD Console.

  2. Navigate to My Settings > My Profile.

  3. Select Sign In with Google.

  4. You see the following warning. Select Continue

  5. If you select Continue, you are taken to the Google SSO page.

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