These are the Treasure Data features and improvements released during the month of June 2021. This month we have focused on improving our platform stability and productivity to deliver more valuable features to you quickly. Stay tuned for updates!

As always, submit any product feature requests to

Beta Releases

Salesforce Commerce Cloud - BETA

Salesforce Commerce Cloud connects the customer journey and drives success from anywhere with customer-centric commerce built for every industry. With Commerce Cloud, you can be completely connected to your digital customer journey and personalize engagement with customer-centric commerce, convert more customers and drive loyalty with a seamless customer journey, and most importantly, you can innovate at the speed of your customers by adapting quickly with an agile, scalable and secure platform.

Learn more about how the Salesforce Commerce Cloud Integration helps you support your customers, products, product categories & inventories, stores, and catalogs.

GA Releases

Facebook Custom Audience Output Kaizen

We have enhanced the Facebook Custom Audience Export Integration by adding a replace feature enabling you to replace the custom audience user list of an existing custom audience and uploading a new audience list from your TD segment. This function allows you to effectively leverage and sync the audience list for improved retargeting.

Additionally, besides OAuth which uses a personal Facebook account, we have supported authentication by long-lived access token generated using Facebook System User. The system user and access token could be configured by Facebook Business Settings and last independently from the personal account. Learn more about Facebook Custom Audience Export Integration.

Rtoaster - Import and Export Integrations

Treasure Data supports integration with Rtoaster, a CDP tool that can consolidate customer data and capture customer insights. Rtoaster efficiently automates individual customer service for all customers for sales improvement and customer retention. It was developed by BrainPad, a data utilization and AI company. Rtoaster is a one-stop product and service that improves the efficiency and results of your marketing activities. Rtoaster is designed to make your daily marketing activities fun.

You can import Rtoaster's recommendation log, conversion log, etc. using:

The segment information created by Treasure Data can be exported to Rtoaster using:


Iterable Import and Export Integrations

Iterable is a cross-channel marketing platform that allows you to create, optimize, and measure the interaction across the customer journey. With these GA releases, you can upload contact lists to add/remove subscribers to your Iterable list allowing you to activate via channels or devices supported by Iterable using the export integration. You can also use the import integration to ingest campaign metrics and user email lists from Iterable.

Oracle Netsuite Bronto Export Integration

Oracle Netsuite Bronto is a Marketing Platform that combines email, mobile, and social messaging to design and execute personalized campaigns. You can use the export integration to upload contact lists to add/replace/update the specified contact lists Bronto.

MS Dynamics 365 Sales Import Integration

Empower digital sales organizations with modern remote collaboration capabilities for exceptional teamwork and frictionless engagement. Find and build stronger relationships. Improve productivity and performance. Get a single view of customers.

You can use the import integration to ingest contact data and transactional data (including quotes, sales orders) from MS Dynamics 365 to Treasure Data.

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