These are the Treasure Data features and improvements released during the month of July 2022.

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BETA Releases

Treasure Data Journey Orchestration - New Features

Treasure Data Journey Orchestration is not available in Audience Studio - Legacy.

Treasure Data Journey Orchestration introduces two new features: Decision Points and Merge. These features allow marketers to send profiles on a personalized journey by splitting the journey path based on profile attributes and/or behaviors, and then merge the split journey back together. 

Learn more about Creating a Decision Point.

SAP Marketing Cloud Import Integration

SAP Marketing Cloud is a marketing solution that provides real-time context-based data about individual customers and anonymous visitors by unifying user data into a centralized hub. This allows brands to deliver consistent, contextual, and relevant experiences throughout a customer journey, regardless of the marketing channel or device, including data management, customer recommendations, and segmentation.

Learn more about SAP Marketing Cloud Import Integration.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Import Integration Kaizen

You can use the import integration to ingest contact data and transactional data (including quotes and sales orders) from MS Dynamics 365 to Treasure Data. An improvement from the previous version, where ingestion was limited to a specific set of objects, you now can ingest from all compatible objects. Allowing you to complete your automations between CDP and Microsoft's CRM system.

Learn more about MS Dynamics 365 Sales Import Integration.

The Trade Desk's Unified ID 2.0 Export Integration

Unified ID 2.0 is the new way to identify customers across multiple mediums with reduced dependencies on 3rd party cookies. Treasure Data has updated the export connector for The Trade Desk to support Unified ID 2.0. By syncing cookies between Treasure Data and The Trade Desk, a mapping is created that allows the information contained in td_global_id to be mapped appropriately to UIDv2 and RampID.

Learn more about TD's Export Integration for The Trade Desk.

Advanced Activation Scheduling

Advanced Activation Scheduling is not available in Audience Studio - Legacy.

Customers can create schedules that include start and end dates for activations. This feature improves one-off and recurring activations. The ability to align schedules around end-user goals reduces the accidental running of workflows after an activation has run.

Learn more about Scheduling an Activation. Contact your Customer Success Representative for more information. Correction: This item was incorrectly listed as GA in the video. It is still in Beta.

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