These are the Treasure Data features and improvements being released in July 2020. Submit any product feature requests to

Treasure Data University

Treasure Data University is offering On-Demand Training to customers at no additional cost. Improve your ability to gain deeper customer insights using Treasure Data at your own pace. At Treasure Data University you can walk through platform features and complete tasks such as importing data, creating a workflow, segmenting data, and even data analysis. Learn how the Treasure Data Platform features interact with each other and understand how Treasure Data gives you the ability to enhance your customers’ experiences by enabling insight and activation of your customer data.

To enroll, contact your Treasure Data Customer Success Manager.

Treasure Boxes for Customer Lifetime Value Prediction

Predicting Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) allows you to efficiently identify high-value customers and understand their behavior. Eventually, you can effectively optimize your day-to-day marketing activities without missing important highly-engaged customers.

For online retailers, our new Treasure Boxes for CLTV Prediction shows how to create a CLTV prediction model based on customer's order histories.

Data Connectors

Amazon DSP Data Provider Export Integration BETA

You can use the new Amazon DSP Data Provider Export Integration to export files such as your cookies and Mobile Advertising IDs to your Amazon Ads audience list. To learn more, go to Amazon DSP Data Provider Export Integration.

Google My Business Import Integration BETA

You can import valuable customer information via the Google My Business Import Integration. With this connector, you can easily consolidate statistics, including ratings and reviews, of all your locations. To learn more, go to Google My Business Import Integration.

General Availability Releases

Facebook Lead Ads Import Integration GA

Ingest Facebook Lead Ads data directly from Facebook Graph API into TD database for activation. The input connector supports ingestion by Form ID/Ads ID incrementally to provide quick update of leads data. To learn more, go to Facebook Lead Ads.

Dropbox Export Integration GA

Treasure Data supports exporting to Dropbox enabling you to send data from TD to this data storage platform. You can export your data as a CSV or TSV file to your folder on Dropbox for storage and collaboration. To learn more, go to Dropbox Export Integration.

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