These are the Treasure Data features and improvements released during the month of January 2023.

BETA Releases

Activation Template

Marketers find creating an activation challenging because they have to enter technical information they might not understand, which can lead to activations failing due to misconfigurations. Treasure Data solves this problem with the Activation Template.

The Activation Template allows data engineers to create templates with pre-populated fields so that the marketer can confidently make an activation.

Learn more about Activation Template.

GA Releases

Google Ads Remarketing Export Integration in Audience Studio

You can export user profiles, such as email or phone numbers, directly into Google Ads Remarketing user list by leveraging this Integration. Execute your TD SQL query job results to upload CRM data in bulk, and append or remove data to a Google Remarketing user list.

Learn more about Google Ads Remarketing Export Integration in Audience Studio.

Hierarchical Profile UI Support

The Treasure Data console now supports the creation of batch segments and predictive segments which contain hierarchical profile (or hierarchical group) data. In TD console, you can now view and leverage the customer group and customer profile relationships.

Hierarchical Profile UI Support is a premium feature. Contact your Customer Success representative for more information.

Learn more about support for Hierarchical Grouping.

Viewing Activation History in Audience Studio

Although activation workflows are system-defined and are not editable, in certain cases a user may want to view the workflow history for purposes of refining the activation or troubleshooting some other issue related to the activation. Treasure Data enables you to view the workflow history of activations in the Audience Studio.

Learn more about Viewing Activation History in Audience Studio.

Cookie Consent Manager

The Cookie Consent Manager enables Treasure Data customers to configure, deploy and manage cookie banners and cookie consent dialogs on their websites. Using the Cookie Banner Editor, customers can design a graphical interface that their end users can use to provide and manage their consent for each cookie category.

Learn more about Cookie Consent management.

Snapchat Export Integration

Data Policy compliance is crucial for all Treasure Data marketing integrations. The Snapchat Export integration now supports the Clear Segment Data mode to delete the whole target segment. This supports use cases that require end-user opt-out capabilities.

Learn more about Snapchat Export Integration.


Audience Studio

Treasure Data continues to update Audience Studio to provide easy-to-use features that enable marketers to efficiently do their work:

  • Creating Batch Segments: Audience Studio now includes a process to create batch segments for ad-hoc analytics. This process allows you to create rules and obtain counts without having to create and name a segment.
    Learn more about Creating a Batch Segment for Ad-hoc Analytics.
  • User interface improvements:
    • Resize asset columns and activation tables in Parent segment folders.
    • Automatically display the last used segment.
    • Prevent searches before the segment has fully loaded.


Treasure Data Customer Journey Orchestration - Pause/Resume

Marketers can now pause and resume live journeys, allowing them to temporarily pause campaigns or fix any issues in their journey.

Learn more about Pausing and Resuming a Journey.

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