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Integration Catalog

Treasure Data has refreshed the Integration Catalog with new labels for direct connectors including Input, Output, and their release versions, along with new filters. Mouse over to create your authentication at the push of a button, and easily access links to Input and Output documentation.

Spark Upgrade Recommended

Treasure Data Spark 2.4.x is no longer supported as of December 2020. Treasure Data is migrating to Spark 3.x + Scala 2.12 for 2021.

While support has ended, td-spark for Spark 2.4x will continue running Spark 2.4x code. No additional updates for Spark 2.4 x will be added to the td-spark library. It is recommended that you upgrade to Spark 3.0x.

Data Connector Released

Airship Import Integrations Beta

Airship is a platform for customer engagement, lifecycle marketing, analytics, and data solutions. It can help you activate and engage your customers by providing notifications and messaging solutions, targeting, and campaign management tools. With this integration, you can ingest your customer information opt-in devices, static lists, and reports. Learn more about Airship Import Integrations.

Upcoming Releases

Facebook Lead Ads Import Integration Improvement

Treasure Data now supports ingesting leads at an ad account level. Users can enable guess schema or manually define the import database schema to accumulate all form fields from different lead forms of an account. Learn more about this improvement at Facebook Lead Ads Import Integration

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