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Data Connectors

LiveRamp Export Data Connector Beta

Use Treasure Data to export segments to LiveRamp for activation through LiveRamp's activation partners. LiveRamp IdentityLink connects anonymizes private identity information (PII) data to LiveRamp's activation partners. You can now export to six LiveRamp activation activation partners.

If you are interested in participating in the LiveRamp beta, contact your Treasure Data Customer Success representative.

LinkedIn Export Data Connector Beta

Treasure Data’s LinkedIn data connector enables you to create an account or contact list segments in LinkedIn and to upload or update Audience Lists dynamically to your Matched Audiences.

If you are interested in participating in the LinkedIn beta, contact your Treasure Data Customer Success representative.

Google Sheet Import Data Connector Improvement

You can use the Google Sheet data connector to import Google Sheet content into your database. You can bring in data from a Google Spreadsheet file without converting the data to CSV before import, and you can retain the format in the original spreadsheet.

Microsoft Power BI Export Data Connector Improvement

You can export to shared workspaces in Microsoft Power BI. A new field for Workspace ID is added to the data connector configuration. You also can opt to replace existing information from either shared or personal workspaces. You can read more about the Microsoft Power BI Export data connector.

Marketo Import Connector Improvement

The Marketo import data connector supports the ActivityType filter for bulk load into Treasure Data. You can use activityTypeIds to reduce the number of activities in an import and thereby reduce the file size of ingested data. Ingesting all Marketo activities usually exceeds daily ingest quotas. You can read more about the Marketo Import data connector.

Improved Experience for Import Integrations

Treasure Data offers some new features that improve your experience when creating and editing data transfers for sources.

  • After you  configure your data connector, you can:

    • save it and run the import immediately

    • save the configured data connector to run at a later time

  • For every new data transfer, you can select a database and table, instead of a default database and table being selected for you. This is particularly useful when you already have a similar, existing data transfer and want the specified location for the imported data to be different.

Required Upgrade Presto 317 in Production

Treasure Data’s Presto release is based on the Presto 317 open source release. Our previous release was based on Presto 0.205.

We have done internal testing to identify compatibility and performance regression issues.

For your testing, Presto 0.205 and Presto 317 are available side-by-side to allow testing of the code before the upgrade.

Refer to the upgrade details for more information. Contact our Support team, if you have additional questions.

Identity Federation Beta

The Treasure Data Identity Federation feature works with your Identity Provider (IdP) and enables your TD account users to use one ID to log into your Treasure Data accounts, even if the user is assigned multiple TD accounts.

You configure your IdP to authenticate your Treasure Data users and thereby control the login policy for your users through the IdP.

Identity Federation key benefit is providing heightened security and tighter authentication for both on-premise and cloud applications. You can centrally manage all users and their respective permissions through your corporate directory service.

The initial implementation of Identity Federation supports Azure Active Directory using SAML 2.0 protocol.

If you are interested in participating in the Identity Federation beta, contact your Customer Success Representative.

TD Toolbelt v0.16.7

A new release of TD Toolbelt is available. The new release supports a private connect environment. You can download TD Toolbelt to access the Treasure Data platform from a command line.

Apache Hivemall 0.6.0

A new release of Hivemall is available. The latest version is v0.6.0-201912-r03 based on Apache Hivemall v0.6.0.

Major new features in this release include:

Refer to our ChangeLog for the details. 

Deprecated Legacy Salesforce Import Data Connector

The legacy Salesforce Data connector will be deprecated at the end of this month, January 2020.

The Salesforce V2 data connector replaces the legacy Salesforce data connector. The Salesforce V2 data connector is capable of asynchronous data transfer - with minimal impact to you.

In TD Console, the V2 data connector is labeled "Salesforce."

If you are currently using the Salesforce data connector, you must complete migration steps to ensure that your integration continues to work. You must move from the legacy Salesforce data connector to the Salesforce V2 data connector.

Contact your Technical Support at to learn more.

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