Treasure Agent (td-agent) is a stable distribution package of Fluentd, which is maintained by Treasure Data and the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

Before Installation

You can learn more about how to prepare for the installation at Fluentd Installation Guide.

Install or Upgrade td-agent

You can either install or upgrade from a previous version using the following methods.  We recommend latest version of td-agent, which can be downloaded from the website.

Learn more about how this version compares to earlier versions.


Platform Version

Package or Installer

Amazon Linux

Amazon Linux 2 (64-bit)

Amazon Linux 1 (64-bit)

td-agent v4

Amazon Linux

Typically, two versions 64-bit are supported. This means if the latest version is, 2017.09, the release package provides 2017.09 and 2017.032017.09.

# Amazon Linux 2 
$ curl -L | sh

# Legacy support for EOL Amazon Linux 1
$ curl -L | sh

We use $releasever for repository path in the script and $releasever should be in "year.month" format, for example, "2017.09". On AWS, some services modify $releasever to their own format. The different format causes installation failure. If your environment's $releasever is not in the "year.month" format, change it to the "year.month" format or setup the TD repository manually.

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