The Profiles API Token enables your ability to increase personalized content based on detailed customer information. This REST API returns customer data in real-time and updates your segment information.

You can also use Profiles API Token to personalize your customers' experience on your website. You can combine Treasure Data’s personalization feature with A/B Testing tools such as Adobe Target, Optimizely, or Google Optimize, to determine the version of your website that yields results.

When the underlying personalization workflow completes, the personalization data set is refreshed. You can see a current list of the segments to which a specific profile belongs. You can also see a list of attributes associated with the specific profile.


The parent segment must already exist in Parent Segments. The parent segment is the basis for all data accessed by Profiles API Tokens.

The use of the Profiles API Token with your tools requires the use of the Treasure Data JavaScript SDK and support or services consultation.

Profiles API Token is supported for JavaScript SDK v1.9.1 or later. If you're using the old version, you must upgrade.

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