Folders are containers in which you can organize information. 

This topic includes:

Folder Tree

The left navigation pane helps you easily view and access folders.

Each Parent Segment contains a root folder. A root folder can contain one or more child folders. Child folders can contain nested folders, and so on.

Folder Pane

Each folder contains a dashboard, assets, profiles, and a details page.


The Folder Dashboard provides a single pane for marketing professionals to quickly analyze total profiles and growth rates, as well as compare segment profiles. For detailed information, see Folder Dashboard Overview.


There are several types of assets in a folder:

  • Folder: A container for your assets. 
  • Batch Segment: A collection of audiences that are based on attribute and behavior criteria for activation and reporting.
  • Predictive scoring: A data-driven lead scoring methodology that uses historical and activity data and predictive modeling to predict behavior.
  • Journey: A simple workflow with stages in which profiles progress. You can configure each stage.


A profile is a collection of attributes and behaviors for a customer. The profiles in a folder represent the customers in the parent segment. 

Details Page

The details page gives you a high-level overview of who created the folder and when it was last updated. 

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