These are the Treasure Data features and improvements released during the month of February 2022.

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Utilization Dashboard

Utilization Dashboard shows your billing-related service metrics such as total records and number of imported records. Now, Utilization Dashboard supports four new metrics, including: 

  • Server Side Cookie API Requests
  • Monthly CDP Profiles
  • Monthly CDP Activated Profiles
  • Monthly CDP Profile API calls

Learn more about Accessing your Data Utilization Dashboard


Sailthru Export Integration Kaizen

The Sailthru Export Integration now supports concurrent requests for UserMode. This kaizen enhances the performance of the integration and enables faster uploading; drastically reducing the time needed to upload user lists to Sailthru.

Google AdWords Export Integration Kaizen

To help give our customers a seamless experience, Treasure Data will be migrating to the latest version of Google AdWords API, soon to be known as Google Ads API. There will be no changes required on your part and all your existing jobs are expected to run as normal.

Hive Null Time INSERT Kaizen

Currently, attempts to insert null into a time column in Hive result in the record being ignored because the time column is a required column in Treasure Data, and null is not allowed. We recognized this behavior is confusing to users when the number of records they are expecting to insert is not available. As is consistent with Presto where no record is ignored by the insert, the behavior for Hive will be changed to automatically complete the current time or TD_SCHEDULED_TIME() when trying to insert a null into time.

Support Lazy Load for Queries Page

A lazy-loading feature for the Queries page on TD Console will be released in mid-March. This feature improves page load performance when there are a lot of databases and tables and schema associated with saved queries.

Audience Studio Migration

Treasure Data is proud to deliver an innovative new Audience Studio UI to you. To maximize your marketing activities, we are migrating all customers to the new Audience Studio UI by the end of April 2022. If you haven't completed the process, we will reach out to your account manager about scheduling your migration.

Learn more about the new Audience Studio UI and how you can prepare for migration from Audience Studio Legacy to Audience Studio.

Migration from Presto v317 to v350

Presto upgrade to v350 is currently underway. Users will be notified of the scheduled date of the upgrade by Technical Support, but Treasure Data recommends upgrading as soon as possible.

Learn more about Presto 350 Update and Migration Guide

End of Support for Hive 0.13 

On April 15, 2022, Hive 0.13 will be deprecated. We encourage you to migrate your Hive 0.13 queries to Hive 2020.1 or later. Users who submit the queries will be notified of simulation results and Hive 0.13 usage job information. If you need more information, contact your support representative. 

Learn more about Migrating to Hive 2020.1 

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