Depending on the type of data you want to export and the characteristics of the destination for your data, there might be limitations or restrictions. For example, when exporting to an Amazon S3 bucket, data from one region cannot be exported to a different region.

  1. Complete the instructions in Creating a Destination Integration.
  2. Navigate to Data Workbench > Queries.

  3. Select a query for which you would like to export data.

  4. Run the query to validate the result set.

  5. Select Export Results.

  6. Select an existing integration authentication.
  7. Define any additional Export Results details. In your export integration content review the integration parameters.
    For example, your Export Results screen might be different, or you might not have additional details to fill out:
  8. Select Done.

  9. Run your query.

  10. Validate that your data moved to the destination you specified.

For example, open your Google sheet file and validate that is populated with data.

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