Use the Digest filter to protect sensitive information from being exposed. The data you are importing may contain a column that you deem sensitive or private. The digest filter allows you to hash the data in that specific column. You can choose the algorithm that is used to hash each column. For more information, see Hash Filter Function.

For example, depending on the algorithm you choose, you could hash a social security number:

  • xxx-xx-1234

  • @#$%^&%F$%G

  • ###-##-####

To apply the Digest filter:

  1. Select Digest.

  2. Select Add Filter.

  3. Select Add.

    The Digest dialog opens.

  4. Edit the parameters.



Column name

Name of column to digest. Only ‘string’ values can be digested

Algorithm to digest

Select the hash algorithm you want to use

Rename to

New name of column after algorithm is applied

Optionally, do one of the following:

  • If you are finished with Filters, select Next.

  • If you want to add another filter, select Add and repeat the steps.

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