Deleting a table removes a table and all the data stored within the table. This operation cannot be rolled back. The data is unrecoverable.

INFO: If you delete a table and then create a table immediately with the same name, you should wait at least 2 minutes before adding data to the new table to avoid a data loss risk.

Table Delete Protection

You can prevent the deletion of tables that contain critical data that your company requires to be maintained over time.

The strict implementation of the Table Delete Protection feature prevents any user from running DELETE queries, deleting a table outright, or replacing the data within a table in any capacity. You can enable this feature on a per table basis by submitting a support request. Contact support or your account representatives with a list of tables you’d like to protect.


  • You cannot use Expiring Data From A Table for the table that is set with ‘Table Delete Protection’.

Deleting a Table Using TD Console

  1. Navigate to Workbench > Databases.

  2. Select the database for which you want to delete tables.

  3. Select the table you want to delete.

  4. Select ... > Delete table.

  5. Confirm or cancel the deletion.

TD Toolbelt Example

The table:delete removes a table and all the data stored within the table.

$ td table:delete test_db test_table

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