These are the Treasure Data features and improvements released during the month of December 2021.

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BETA Releases

Apache Avro File Support

The Avro file format is a row-based storage format for Hadoop, which is widely used as a serialization platform. The Avro file format is binary, and a parser is available to import Avro files form from either the TD Console or the Treasure Data CLI. The following Treasure Data integrations support Avro file import:

  • SFTP (version 1)

  • Amazon S3

  • Box

  • OneDrive

  • Microsoft Azure

  • FTP

The Treasure Data Avro parser supports the following compression codecs:

  • Deflate

  • Snappy

Learn more about Treasure Data Avro Parser.

Facebook Custom Audience Export Integration with LOOKALIKE Attribute Improvement

The Facebook Custom Audience Export Integration now supports the LOOKALIKE_Value attribute. This attribute is supported by value-based Custom Audience only. Currently, Treasure Data does not support the LOOKALIKE_Value attribute (treated as unknown and filtered out) to enable value-based LOOKALIKE audiences.

Learn more about Facebook Custom Audience Export Integration.

td-cordova-sdk Improvement

td-cordova-sdk v1.1.0 is released. This new version includes the following enhancements:

  • Update td-os-sdk and td-android-sdk in the library

  • Add default values feature

  • Support reset global session id

SFDC Export Integration Improvement

SFDC result export uses APIv32 by default. With this update, you can specify the API version you need. If unsupported objects in SFDC are added to the newer version, select the specific API version.

GA Releases

Yahoo! Export Integration

Synchronize your segments to create effective ad campaigns on this award-winning Ads-Tech solution. This TD integration supports creating your taxonomies, uploading audiences, uploading users via Partnermatch, and opt-out for compliance.

Learn about Yahoo! Export Integration. (Formerly released in BETA as Verizon Media Export Integration).

Presto 350

Treasure Data has upgraded TD-Presto core to the stable release of PrestoSQL 350. This release brings a number of small performance improvements, fixes to bugs, more UDF support as well as optimizations in the drivers and integrations.

Learn more about Presto 350.

Klaviyo Export Integration

Klaviyo is a digital marketing platform focused on email marketing automation for eCommerce businesses. Klaviyo offers an SMS and email marketing automation platform for eCommerce. Klaviyo also offers deep integration with Shopify. This integration helps marketers to export their audience data (TD built-in segment) to Klaviyo and add them to a specific list by providing List Name or List ID.

Learn more about Klaviyo Export Integration.


Workflow Log Improvements

To optimize Data Workbench load time and aid with better debugging, Treasure Data is reducing log verbosity of workflow logs by redirecting less critical information related to internal operations such as polling, waiting, and more to operational log levels. With this change, customers will see smaller Workflow logs that are more manageable but without any loss of relevant information needed for issue-handling with workflows.


Announcing the end of Support for Hive 0.13 

On April 15, 2022, Hive 0.13 will be deprecated. We encourage you to migrate your Hive 0.13 queries to Hive 2020.1 or later.

Learn more about Migrating to Hive 2020.1 

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