These are the Treasure Data features and improvements being released in December 2020. Submit any product feature requests to

You can also view a summary video of our new releases.

Workflow Project Editor in Modal

Treasure Data has improved the editing and viewing experience of workflows on TD Console by providing users with more editing space to view and make changes to the workflows by moving the editor and its sidebar into a large modal window.

The modal also offers easy navigation between files and the ability to compare files in a split-pane view. Using the split view of the modal editor, users can now view older revision files along with the latest revision, to compare, make changes, and debug as needed. Learn more about the Workflow Project Editor.

Master Segment Workflow Supports Hive 2/Tez (Experimental)

You can now use Hive2/Tez in your master segments workflows. Hive 2/Tez is experimental and provides faster queries.

Improved Coverage of Sample Attribute Values in Audience Studio

The sampling logic for generating sample attribute values in Audience Studio has been improved. To increase the chances of higher sample attribute values being returned in the Segment Editor, TD has added a new function td_approx_most_frequent which uses an approximation algorithm to return more sample values from the master segment in the dropdown menu.


td-client-go now uses HTTPS by default and removes SSL option. These changes eliminate the use of HTTP and make the tool more secure.

Data Connectors Released

VTex Import Integration BETA

VTEX is an Ecommerce solution used by large brands in more than 40 countries. With this integration, you can ingest your customer information via Master Data as well as Orders from this Ecommerce platform.

Zuora Import Integration Improvement

Treasure Data now supports new data sources, including Order, Order Action, Order Metrics, and Payment Part to ingest these new objects from Zuora to your TD database.

GA Releases

Salesforce DMP Krux Import and Export Integrations

You can import Media Campaign, Paid Search Campaign, Site Campaign, User Audience Segment Map, Segment Mapping File or Dissent Lists from Salesforce DMP (Krux) into Treasure Data. And also, you can export segments from Treasure Data directly to Salesforce DMP Krux using S3 buckets. Learn more about Salesforce DMP Krux Import and Export Integrations.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Export Integration Improvement

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Export Integration includes an option for you to replace or add and update data in an existing data extension. Learn more about Salesforce Marketing Cloud Export Integration.

dotdigital Import and Export Integrations

You can send transactional emails, push customer segments to your campaigns, and ingest the statistics back from dotdigital. Learn more about dotdigital Import and Export Integrations.

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