Use Presto, via TD Console, to query data stored in your Treasure Data Data Tank.

This optional feature enables users of Data Tanks to run queries against their Data Tank instance directly from the Presto query engine.

What is Data Tank?

Data Tanks provide easy access to your aggregated metrics through convenient, fully hosted data marts on Treasure Data’s core platform. They can be used to drive a variety of external business intelligence and visualization applications without having to host and maintain your own PostgreSQL instances.

Data Tanks are hosted PostgreSQL databases that serve as data marts. They are completely managed by Treasure Data including creation, setup, monitoring, management and troubleshooting so you can just get your job done.


Use of Data Tanks provides the following key benefits:

  • Enables easier access to Data Tank data via querying from TD Console, via Presto. Including the creation and deletion of tables.

  • More flexible processing flows by enabling data to be joined across Data Tank and core TD tables.

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