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See also, Expiring Data From a Table.

Query Results30 days
Bulk Import Sessions30 days
Table Expiration30 days
Table Deletion30 days
Account Cancellation30 days
Job History Accessibility30 days
Data Landing14 days

Query Results

You can download the result set of any query in CSV, TSV or any other supported format for 30 days after the initial query is run. After this, the result data expires. The query itself and its execution logs are retained indefinitely, so you may always re-execute it to rebuild the result set and retain it for another 90 days. Queries executed against regularly updated time-series data yield different results on each execution unless a time window is specified in the query.

Bulk Import Sessions

Any data uploaded to Treasure Data through a Bulk Import Session but not imported into a Treasure Data table expires after 30 days.

Table Expiration

You may set an expiration date on your Treasure Data tables. If you do so, your data is retained for an additional 30 days after the set expiration date. If you make a mistake in setting the expiration, the data can be restored any time within this 30 day window.

Table Deletion

When you delete a table on Treasure Data, the data is retained for 30 days and can be recovered any time during this period.

Account Cancellation

We preserve all account data for 30 days after an account deletion, unless explicitly stated otherwise in your contract. This includes all databases, tables, user accounts, queries, and job histories. A “Proof of Concept” or “Demo Account” is considered a cancelled account after the POC or other project is completed and is subject to this same policy if not converted to an ongoing account.

Job History Accessibility

We enforce some limit on how much of the Job History can be accessed by all our customers.



Jobs list

Jobs history for past 14 days

Job history in Query editor

History of runs in past 90 days

Job history via Support

Jobs history of any give

Data Landing Area

The data in the Data Landing area is retained for 2 weeks after it was created or last modified. After 14 days, it is a subject for removal.

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