You can create and delete individual files within the Project Editor modal. Delete individual files or delete all the files in a project.

Create New Files

You can set up and save new files prior to editing them. If you do not edit the file or designate a new name, the file is not saved.

  1. From inside Project Editor, select the New File icon at the top right of the modal.


  2. Type a new name.

    If you do not specify a name, the default name, new_file.sql is assigned.


  3. You can edit the file directly in the Project Editor.

  4. Create additional files for your project by selecting another file or deselecting the New File icon.

  5. After you’ve created the files you want, select Save & Commit.


Deleting Files

  1. From inside the Project Editor, select the Trash Bin icon at the top right of the modal.


  2. Specify a single workflow file, multiple files, or all files in a project.


  3. Select Delete.

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