This article supports Audience Studio - Legacy.

When exporting data to an external source, an external source might require an additional column or marketers might want to create one that allows them to track lists back to specific master segments, segments, campaigns, or dates and times.

When creating a new activation, Treasure Data allows additional columns to be created and exported if needed using String Builder.

To Create a New Column for Export

  1. Navigate to Audience Studio > Segments.

  2. Select the segment you want to activate.

  3. Select Activations on the right-side panel.

  4. Select Create Activation or Edit Activation from the more options menu.

  5. Select Output Mapping in the Activations editor.

  6. Select + Add String under String Builder.

  7. Edit the Output Column Name field. Select from the following value options:

    String--Can be any value you choose. Use free text to create a custom value.
    Timestamp--Date and time of export
    Segment ID--Segment ID number
    SegmentName--Segment Name
    AudienceID--Master Segment number

  8. To add an additional value to the string, select + Add String. You may string multiple values together.

  9. After completing the String Builder, select Create & Run Now.

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