Create a Predictive Model to improve your segment targeting.


Safari does not support some of the functions of predictive models.

Define your Predictive Model

1. Open TD Console.
2. Navigate to Audience Studio.
3. Select a parent segment.  For example:

4. Continue with the displayed parent segment or select a different one.
5. Select Create New.
6. Select Predictive Model.

7. Name your model.
8. Select Next.

9. Select your Training population. 

This is your dataset of examples for use during the training process for Treasure Data's machine learning.  The dataset is used to help produce sophisticated results.  The dataset can be a segment or all profiles within a parent segment.

Funnel Stages are not supported as a Training Population, Scoring Target, or Positive Samples segment.

10. Select your scoring target.

These profiles are used to help score the accuracy of the prediction. The scoring target is the group of profiles whose behavior you are trying to predict. It could be a segment or All Profiles within the Parent Segment.

11. Select your positive sample of data that fits the characteristics of what you are trying to predict.

Your choice of datasets for the Training population and Scoring target fields are excluded from the list of available values for the Positive sample field.

12. Select Next.

13. Optionally, select Use suggested features

Predictive Scoring provides Feature Guess functionality. Treasure Data suggests highly relevant features (predictors) derived from attributes.

14. Optionally, instead of allowing predictions, you can define the following:
Categorical features

 This field is for attributes or features where the values correspond to discrete categories. For example, state is a categorical attribute with discrete values (CA, NY, MA, etc.). Categorical attributes are one of the following:

  • non-ordered (nominal) like state, gender, etc.
  • ordered (ordinal) such as high, medium, or low temperatures

For example, the feature can be “color” and may take on the values “purple,” “yellow,” and “blue.”

Categorical array features

An array, is a data structure consisting of a collection of elements.  For example, interest_words.

Quantitative features

This field is for attributes or features that have numerical values. For example, price and frequency.

15. Select Save and train or Save.

You receive an error message if your training population, scoring target, or positive sample references a segment in a folder in which you don't have Full or View permissions.

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